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World-class web portal development services delivered by the best web portal development company. Our experienced web developers will develop an enterprise-grade web portal for your business based on international standards.


With our web portal development services, you get consulting, interactive design, robust backend programming, mobile integration, data analytics, and security, all in a single package. In our role as a leading web portal development company, we are committed to providing a real-time experience to our clients.

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Custom Web Portal Development Company

We are a web portal development company at Latiyal Infotech. B2C and B2B portal development by us creates an immersive, rich online experience. For industry-specific web portal development, we provide a wide range of services. The list includes e-Commerce, Social Networking, Job Portals, Real Estate, etc. Our goal is to create Web Portals that are robust, attractive, and secure at the same time. The high-skilled developers we employ and the efficient integration of cutting-edge technology allow us to minimize downtime. Our Custom-Built e-Commerce Web Portal development services are what you need for your business. Through a secured channel, B2B enterprises can send, receive, and share large data flows with partners, suppliers, and customers.

High-Resulting Web Portal Development Services

Latiyal Infotech is the expert in IoT Development for something as amazing as IoT Development. Get ready to leverage higher benefits with some of our premium IoT app development services.


E-commerce Portals Development

Using our e-commerce solutions, we simplify product 'showcasing' and 'selling'.


Cms Services

Organize and market your product and services with efficient and highly administered CMS solutions.


Enterprise Portals

In addition to being feature-rich, our enterprise information portal is also scalable and secure. An organization that wants to increase revenue would benefit from their services.


B2b Web Portals

The data exchange on B2B web portals that perform well is 'better' and 'secure'. By using our web portals, you will be able to improve your ability to solve problems and become more productive.


3rd Party Integration

With our integrated 3rd party payment gateways and e-Payment system, you can offer your web portal to more customers. More payment options can increase sales.


Support & Maintenance

Maintaining Web Portals optimises your business potential by integrating 3rd Party Payment Gateways and troubleshooting problems.

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We offer web and mobile application development services.

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Types of Web Portals

A reliable online portal development company can help you develop different types of website portals before you hire a web portal developer. Some of the examples are:


Personal Web Portals

Personal website portals can be found on local HTML pages or on the World Wide Web. Website portals of this type may even run in modified web browsers. Generally, a personal web portal provides customized features to local users or visitors. Visitors to the website might also have access to other types of content on the portal.


Government-based Web Portals

By the 1990s, the World Wide Web boom had come to an end. However, government organizations had already begun creating websites for citizens. A portal for government authorities is a common feature of government and state body websites. The government has also developed a web portal to provide different services to officials and the general public.


Cultural Web Portals

Among these portals are libraries, galleries, museums, and archives that combine digital forms of cultural collections. It is possible for large search engines to not index cultural content provided by cultural web portals. Digital collections contain a wide range of items. The content of a cultural portal might include artwork, books, newspapers, photographs, sound recordings, music files, diaries, letters, maps, archived websites, and films.


Corporate Web Portals

As the Internet and websites became more popular, corporate intranets became more popular. As the internet became more popular, people faced challenges managing users and content. People are now able to manage applications, data, and information more easily and efficiently with the help of tools offered by most companies.


Stock Web portals

Portals for stock exchanges, stock markets, and stock share websites are also known as stock-share websites. Web portals or web-based applications provide shareholders with important online data. This data could include news, stock prices, asks and bids, announcements, reports, and more.


Search Web Portals

Search results are combined from a number of search engines on the website portals. An aggregated list of search results is generated when a search is triggered. It is possible to find search web portal development that specializes in a single product or service. Portals for property search, for instance.


Property Web Portals

Data on properties for sale in a particular region is collected by property website portals. Real estate agents or the user community provide the information on such a portal. Curators and administrators are responsible for this.


Tender Web Portals

Most government-based suppliers access these websites through their portals. Bidding on specific goods & services is usually conducted through tender web portal development. There are usually several functions available on tender website portals. This includes searching, submitting, modifying, archiving, and reviewing data. It allows online tendering through this method.


Hosted Web Portals

In recent years, hosted portals have gained popularity, and a number of organizations offer hosted services through them. There has been a fundamental change in the composition of the hosted web portal market. In more ways than one, these portals are simple tools for displaying important information. Neither does it guarantee the integration of legacy applications. A trusted web portal development service within your budget is what you need! Don't hesitate to contact us!

What makes Latiyal Infotech different?

The fact that we are smart, intelligent, and tech-savvy is only one part of what makes us incredible. The following are some of the key features that make us the perfect choice for you.


On Time Delivery

In order to ensure on-time delivery of high quality products within a niche of cost, we value time and money.


Visually Stunning

In order to cater to a higher level of user experience, we create attractive web projects and applications.


All Industries Covered

We have experience developing business applications for major industries. Regardless of your idea, we can make it a reality.


Business Upgradation

Technology advances every day, so businesses must stay on top of their game. Among the technologies we use are wearables, the internet of things, chatbots, etc.

Latiyal Infotech Development Process

Our goal is to simplify technology for you.


You will be guided from one end to another successfully through our development process. Latiyal Infotech offers a number of reasons to choose us, including our smartly designed process. With our development and optimization services, we work effectively to ensure your enterprise needs are met.


  • Strategy
  • Analysis & Planning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development Process
  • Testing
  • Publish & Launch

Frequently asked question

  • What is the cost of web portal development services?

    An engineer can access a wide range of data and services via a single web interface as part of the web portal development service. There is a price range between $5,000 and $50,000 for basic web development services. The quality of the portal is the most important factor. You may have to pay more if you want an out-of-the-box idea. An experienced Website Portal Development Company knows exactly what steps need to be taken.
  • How do I start a web portal?

    Planning for the phase is the first step. Finding the main goal of your web portal is the first step. Next, determine your target audience and your purpose. In your web portal development, you should include the following features Architecture Development In the end testing
  • Why Choose Us For Your Business Web Portal Solutions?

    As a web portal development company, we have a proven track record. We develop immersive B2B and B2C web portals that drive user engagement. Developing portals for different industries is one of the services offered by Dev Technosys. These include social networking sites, e-commerce sites, and job boards.
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