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With our feature-rich social networking app development, Latiyal Infotech engages global audiences while enhancing conversations with leading brands.

Social media apps are one of the best ideas to consider from a business perspective. While there are several leading players on the market, you can still grab many future opportunities by launching some unique solutions that can take the social media concept to a whole new level. Here we are to make it out for you if you plan to do it.

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On-demand Social Media App Development

Globally, there are 4.55 billion social media users. Through it, they can connect with like-minded people and their professional and personal communities. Social media users increased by 9.9% annually, and 6.7 social platforms are used on average by users every month. For example, Facebook Ads are one of the most effective tools for promoting brands and marketing. In addition to social media, streaming videos online is also a relevant application development area.

Our on-demand social media app development services are just what you need if you want to launch a custom social media app. Your expectations will be met with our unmatched solutions. Our team of social media app developers has experience developing customized apps for social media.

Social Media App Development:

Are you looking for good results for your brand? With our social media app development services, we can assist you with your social media integration. Delivering authentic and compelling solutions is what we do. With our latest online media apps, you can stay on top of your social media needs.


User Panel

Push notification Easy profile creation Content sharing Privacy controls Real-time messaging Image & video editing


Admin Panel

User’s Management Third-Party integration Push Notification In-App Advertisements Content Management Post Removal


Additional Features

In-app purchase Traffic Insight Social Network Analytics tool Integrated Messaging Google Map Integration Live Streaming

Social Media App Demo

One of the best social media apps we have developed for our clients is this one. You’ll get a good idea of how a user can best interact with the app.


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Exactly how does it work?

The use of social media platforms is a megatrend. The purpose of this is to improve the brand-consumer relationship and the user-user relationship between brands and users. Friends, family, and others are included in this category. Here are some points that explain how social media apps work.



Providing users with the latest posts and events is a great feature implemented by social media app developers.


Photo Editor

A powerful feature that enables the user to apply filters, add captions, adjust brightness and contrast, and more.


My Profile

Add or modify your profile details, profile pic, background image, and theme. As well as choosing a theme, users have the option of choosing from a variety of themes.


Social Media Advertising

In addition to personal use, this app will also help businesses advertise on social media.


Live Streaming

Using the app, users can share their moments with other connected users with a click. This is a place where users can post emojis and comments.


In-App Calling

Using the in-app calling feature, users can make calls.

Complete Range of Social Media App Development Solutions By Latiyal Infotech

Social media solutions have a variety of features that differentiate them from one another. The development of messaging apps and music streaming apps is now adapting to some of the features of social media. In addition to providing social media app development services to global clients, we are an experienced mobile app development company. In this app, you'll find a multitude of useless features you can use to your advantage. We offer social media apps for the following platforms:


App for Users

Using this app, users can create profiles, login, share images, respond with emojis, and share videos.


Admin App

Admin panels include many useful features. In addition, the user can control their activity and content, reset their profile, delete their deactivated profiles, and more.


Business Tools

Users can use the business tool to promote and market their brands. Similar to Facebook ads, this is a form of advertising. Social Networking App Development Social Review App Development Social Image-Sharing Development Social Video Sharing App Community Networking App Development Professional Networking App Development Content Sharing App Development Social News Sharing App Would you like to hire top Facebook app developers for your next app? Get a Free Consultation Now!

Social Media App Development Services

Our company is a leading social media app development company that develops cooperative and interactive social media apps to keep audiences entertained for hours. Our social media app developers utilize the power of social media platforms to bring labels and brands closer to their customers. We develop social media apps that are custom-made to reach the target audience and achieve specific business goals. Reach out to our professional app development team right away for more information about our comprehensive range of social media app development services!

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Why Choose Us for Social Media App Development?

Latiyal Infotech has a dedicated team of social media developers. In order to widen your business range effectively, we can deliver the best social networking applications. Additionally, you can hire dedicated app developers to enhance the development process.


Advanced Technology

Social networking applications are developed by our developers using the latest tech stack.


Promising Solutions

Our services are tailored to meet your needs. With our custom social networking mobile websites and enhanced social apps, we can cater to all your social networking needs


Wider Service Range

We offer women's social networking apps, professional networking apps like LinkedIn, media sharing apps like Instagram, and more.


On-Time Delivery

We always deliver the project on time at Latiyal Infotech. From beginning to end, our experts take care of everything.


Experienced Developers

Latiyal Infotech has years of experience and high qualifications among its developers.


Well-Optimized Products

Designed with your business goals in mind, all our products are well optimized for launching and utilization.

Benefits of Social Media App Development


Improved user engagement

Smart interaction with users is ensured by interactive mobile apps. GPS, a camera, and other unique features are included in them. In this way, the specialized features have been proven to enhance the overall experience and engagement of users. As a result, conversions are also more likely to occur.


Expanded business reach

Social media allows platform businesses to extend their reach to a certain extent. We can help businesses reach new heights with social media apps we develop. Expansion of the customer base and growth of the business.


Social Branding

Social media apps enable businesses to engage in social branding. Businesses can also use these apps to advertise and display their products and series across multiple social media platforms. Social sharing will help your business grow as a result of users of social media.


Community Building

People with similar interests and preferences can connect through these apps. We help businesses build such communities of potential customers through our app-building solutions. While bringing in more customers to the business, these customers serve as dependable brand loyalists.


An improved CRM opportunity

The behavior of users can be captured and analyzed by mobile applications. The business can use this information for insights, which is quite valuable. Consequently, business enterprises are able to provide better services to their customers. Would you like more information?

Frequently asked question

  • How to develop a social networking app?

    The first step is to determine who your target audience is. It will be easier to develop a social development app if this is done. Describe all the features and functions of the product. Design and develop a unique product. Make sure the community grows properly. Analyze the results carefully.
  • Why should I invest in a Social Media App?

    Most users are keen on using the latest smartphone devices and technology; it provides plenty of room for launching mobile apps, among which social networking apps are one of the top. People use several apps for personal and professional purposes on the various platforms. Personal communication and professional purposes are possible through social media applications, such as advertisements, brand promotion, and many more. This is one of the innovative revenue generation methods that makes the investment worthwhile.
  • How much does it cost to develop a social networking app?

    It may cost you approximately $30,000- $50,000 to develop social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, and Pinterest. Adding some advanced functionalities may raise the cost.
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