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To stay competitive in the ongoing market, you need excellent mobile app maintenance & support.

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Latiyal Infotech - Mobile App Maintenance Services Company

A mobile app is like an employee who works round-the-clock without taking a break. As you arrange the health check-up clinic for your employees, it is your responsibility to ensure the business’s satisfactory maintenance. Mobile or web application maintenance can be handled by the experts; the only condition is that you should choose wisely. Several of our clients already depend on us for maintenance. We have done it before. We are eligible to provide mobile app maintenance services because we have developed complex application skills.

Software & App Support Services and Management

We offer server monitoring, backups, glitch removal, and automatic crash analysis and reporting.


  • Software & App Support
  • Services and Management
  • Application Enhancement Services
  • Performance Analysis
  • Security and Verification
  • System Verification and Monitoring
  • Recovery Scheduling


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Highlights of our App Maintenance Services



Proven Track Record of 10+ Years



Flexible Pricing



High-Quality IT Services Management



ISO 9001-Certified Company



Expertise in Maintaining Complex Applications



High-Performance Monitoring Standards



Availability of Different



3rd Party App maintenance

Our Maintenance Service’s Key Offerings

  • Real Estate

    Mobile App Maintenance Consultation

    The consultation is the first step. Finally, you get to choose which app maintenance company you want to work with. If you would like a free mobile app maintenance consultation, you can reach out to us at any time.
  • Real Estate

    Tech Support & App Updates

    You can always count on us if there is a technical problem. Our continuous app updates have been completed several times for multiple clients, so you can trust us. Many of our apps have been updated to date.
  • Real Estate

    App Migration & Release

    Our app migration skills can be used for overall app transformation from one platform to another, not just maintenance. A flawless release of mobile applications is ensured by our experts.

Application Maintenance & Support

Implementing custom app maintenance strategies for clients' apps gives us a thrill. We can help you with both mobile apps and web application maintenance if you need them.


Mobile App Upgradation

It is the right time to upgrade your app if you feel it is lacking something, even if it is a robust one. UI and backend enhancements will be provided by our experts.


Software Migration

When apps aren't performing due to growing business and user requirements, migration can be beneficial. The migration of your software from one platform to another can be handled by our team.


Post Launch Support

The mobile application is supported after launch by us. We provide post-launch support services such as backups, API integration and removal, routine maintenance, etc. As far as the prelaunch of the app is concerned, we can also help you with any issues that may arise.


Bug Tracking

In order to maintain the app in a fine way, reporting and bug-tracking are important activities. Experts at our company have extensive experience in deploying real-time bug tracking strategies.


System Maintenance

In order to provide the best experience of system maintenance, we have our own set of methods. We begin by analyzing it deeply and determining its requirements. Our best resources are deployed to ensure uptime.


Code Revamping

When existing code does not work well, it decreases the performance of the app. Our experts can refactor or revamp the code to remove redundancies, correct code structure, and other errors if you are concerned about it.


Multi-Tier Support

As part of our service, you will receive multi-tier support, such as L0 to L3. You can contact our support team for help with app audits, system audits, server maintenance & monitoring, and other services.


Web App Maintenance

PWAs or website-based apps are preferred by some organizations instead of mobile applications. We provide website migration, database maintenance, implementation of security measures, and real-time web monitoring as part of our web maintenance services.

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Our mission is to ensure your application is maintained and supported in a perfect resonating ecosystem

With our mobile app maintenance and support services, we deliver excellence. App maintenance experts in our team are dedicated professionals who never leave any stone unturned. We leave no room for bugs and errors in our requirements analysis and documentation. JIRA-oriented Help desk system is used for routing issues and purposes.


Our support team is available around the clock to answer the user’s questions and assist them with their requests. As part of our maintenance services, we provide:


  • Issue Verification and Bug Detection
  • Application and Software Updates
  • System Analysis and Performance Tracking
  • Security and Verification
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Our App Support and Services Workflow has been streamlined

A one-stop destination for all mobile and web application maintenance solutions is what we’ve created for our ecosystem of support and maintenance services. In order to create the perfect application maintenance solution, our experts follow a unique process.


Here’s how our unique app maintenance process works:

  • Collection of existing requirements
  • Analyzing and refining requirements
  • Testing of pre-maintenance apps
  • Troubleshooting & Refactoring of Apps
  • Retesting & Debugging of Apps
  • Integrating and migrating apps
  • Validation & Verification

Mobile App Maintenance Services Company – Latiyal Infotech

Through our comprehending and iterative application maintenance services, we aim to improve and maintain the application. In order to improve the performance and functionality of a system, we redesign, fix errors and upgrade its functionality.


The app maintenance services offered by Latiyal Infotech are designed to deliver stability to all your businesses and hardware operations. Based on the latest technology and fundamentals, we provide a complete range of updates, support, release, and management services.


In other words, if you’re looking for professional support for your next venture, we’re here to help. All your business problems can be solved in one go by us. We provide all the troubleshooting activities for all existing systems to optimize their performance. In order for your businesses to flourish, we ensure that our products and services provide you with a competitive edge.


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Our Multi-Tier Application Support Services

IoT- Smart Home

L0- Users Self Service

FAQs User Manual On-call Support Technical Information
IoT- Smart Home

L1- Basic Support

Send a call, video call, message, or e-mail to request receiving Resetting a password or profile is a basic issue solution Feedback on our services A higher level of escalation
IoT- Smart Home

L2- Intermediate Support

App Configuration Reset & Resolve Handling admin or user account issues Installing or integrating software Coding patch refactoring
IoT- Smart Home

L3- High Tech Support

Live troubleshooting by experts Live chat or video call with the experts Complete Code Refactoring Fixing complex issues Database migration or Integration Customization issue handling

Why Should You Choose Latiyal Infotech As Mobile App Maintenance Company?

We are the most preferred choice for app maintenance and support for several reasons. The following are some of the key reasons:


  • Maintenance requires the latest tech stack
  • Support professional with experience
  • A multi-tiered support system
  • User experience at its best
  • Support available on demand
  • Model of flexible payment

What You Can Expect From Us When It Comes To Maintenance

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Products Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Web Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • AI App Development
  • IoT App Development
  • Blockchain App Development


Latiyal Infotech

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Process of development at Latiyal Infotech

Our goal is to simplify technology for you.

You will be guided from one end to another successfully by our app development process. One of the reasons why you should choose Latiyal Infotech is our smartly designed process. In order to meet your enterprise needs, we work effectively from development to testing.


  • Strategy
  • Analysis & Planning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development Process
  • Testing
  • Publish & Launch

What is application maintenance and support?

Support for application systems, including modifying, troubleshooting, maintaining, and enhancing legacy systems falls under the term Application maintenance and support. An application running in a production environment also requires maintenance and support. One of the most important parts of any application is application maintenance.

  • What are support and maintenance?

    There are a number of skills and requirements that go into application maintenance and support. As an example, application maintenance & support services include enhancements, modifications, and troubleshooting. Even applications running in production environments are subject to this rule. Support teams prepare service-level agreements when working on a new project to outline response times and to ensure needs are met. Software support and maintenance services are one of the most important parts of any application.
  • What's The Cost Of Maintain An App?

    Approximately 15%-20% of the original development cost remains as maintenance costs for mobile apps. The estimated mobile application maintenance and support price is around $20,000 per year, assuming the app development cost is around $1,00,000.
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