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Latiyal Infotech is a global education app development company with experience in serving global educational and training brands. Our specialty is providing cutting-edge educational solutions to the education industry.

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Latiyal Infotech's Education App Development Highlights

Our expertise lies in developing various solutions related to education app development. Innovative and ultra-modern tech stacks are used to develop our learning app development solutions.


Flexible Learning

App development for education focuses on providing students with the best learning experience possible. We offer offline accessibility and multilingual support as part of the flexibility of our application.


Stunning UI/ UX

As top education app developers, we always keep our end users in mind: students, scholars, researchers, and faculty. UI/UX plays a crucial role in facilitating all users in education-based applications, and we can do it in an innovative way.


Third-party Integration

Users' experience is greatly improved by third-party integration. Not only does it enhance the learning experience, but it also improves the overall functionality. The implementation of third-party apps also enhances app security, and we are the best at it.


Learning Standard Regulations

SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and AICC are some of the e-learning standards we incorporate into our e-learning application. As part of our app solution, we also adhere to the data privacy regulations and accessibility guidelines.


Voice Recognition and Learning

In the field of education app development, voice recognition and learning have become a trending concept. The use of voice recognition in online education allows students to learn more in a broad spectrum of subjects. Developers at our company have extensive experience developing apps like these for education.

Developing educational mobile apps in the future: Potential features

In your next education app, be sure to include the features listed below. Our experts can assist you if you want to customize these.


Live Class Sessions

This is one of the most important features of education app development, allowing students and educators to stay in contact without interruption.


Attractive UI/UX

An educational app or e-learning app must have a good user interface and user experience. User experience is improved when the UI/UX is attractive.


Video-Based Content

In addition to live sessions, users can also access video content for online and offline learning. A video or animation can be uploaded with a single click by educators.


Requirement Based Customization

Your app can be customized based on the education category and you can modify the widget list easily to fit your needs.


Seamless Communication

In-app messaging and calling allow teachers and students to communicate at any time. Low bandwidth is also supported by this internet-powered feature.


Push Notifications

Students, teachers, and app administrators will find it useful. In addition, it helps send updates about recent updates.


Online Exam Management System

Educators can test students' knowledge through online examination systems powered by artificial intelligence.


Learning Management System

Students can track their learning with a learning management system. Weekly or monthly progress reports are available to them.

Education App Development Process

Tutors, educational institutes, and individuals can benefit from our e-learning app development services. Additionally, it assists businesses in managing, visualizing, and analyzing data, which is useful for improving academic performance. In order to create the best user experience for our education apps, we use our app development process.


Idea Validation

With our education app developers, you can validate your concept and turn it into a tangible asset. Education app development is one of their specialties.


The transformation of application concepts

Transform your ideas into reality with our improved e-learning software development techniques.


Developing seamless apps

By developing powerful e-learning apps, we offer students experiential learning through many relevant features, as well as facilitating the best practices for educators.


Delivering continuous innovation and apps

By utilizing the latest tools and technology, we push the boundaries of e-learning solutions. Providing the most innovative and creative e-learning applications is our goal.


Insights that are valuable

When the application is delivered, we assist clients in interpreting and exploring relevant patterns. Reports and insights can be used to improve visualization.

Online E-Learning Solutions

In addition to developing mobile apps and online learning websites, we offer online e-learning solutions. As a result, teachers and students can learn more together.


  • Self Registration
  • Online Course Catalogs
  • Strong Reporting With Customization
  • Brand Integration
  • Accreditation Support
  • Web-Based Business Support

Remote eLearning Websites

Advanced learning tools are integrated into remote learning websites. With features such as live streaming and live chat, you can provide a better learning experience.


  • Online Admissions/Signing up for a course
  • Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Assessment Management & Live Feedback.
  • Student Information Management.
  • Quality Content.
  • Quick User Integration.

Institute Management Software

In one place, you can manage your entire education chain. Using a single admin panel, you can track attendance, courses, staff, and payrolls better.


  • Adapted to the client’s needs
  • Software that is multilingual
  • Student attendance
  • Integrated with Addmen OMR software
  • Upload class timetables
  • You can upload course materials

Virtual Classroom Solutions

A virtual classroom is the most innovative way to connect teachers and students. Students from around the world can communicate with teachers from around the world.


  • Archiving
  • Audio Back-Up
  • Screen Sharing and Live Presentations
  • Classroom Management Tools
  • Compatible Across Devices
  • HD And Live Video Streaming Capability

Corporate Training Solutions

Our corporate training solutions can help you meet the demand for corporate training. We can develop CBT, WBT, Assessment systems, and other software for you.


  • Assessment Management & Live Feedback
  • Student Information Management
  • Quality Content
  • Motivational Triggers
  • Going Mobile and Apps for Learning
  • Online Communities and Social Engagement

Online Examination Panel

With high-end security and advanced features, the online examination portal helps educators assess the skills of students online.


  • Automation of planning and schedule.
  • Assessment Pattern creation.
  • Efficiency to create a question bank.
  • Set different difficulty levels.
  • Customization of test-taking options.
  • Integration with LMS.


The projected market size of e-learning by 2026 is $400 billion, according to Statista. Is there anything you would like to contribute?

Application Panel

By employing thoughtful and innovative processes, Latiyal Infotech creates highly sophisticated e-learning and educational applications. Taking into account the current education trends, we created solutions to assist your business.


  • Student panel
  • Academic user portal
  • Admin Panel
  • Latiyal Infotech
  • Student Panel

Students benefit greatly from the features offered by the E-learning student panel. Among the things included are subjects, courses, schools, colleges, and universities.



  • Teachers are able to communicate directly with students
  • Faculty members are readily available to answer students’ questions
  • To discuss topics and share ideas, form a group of students
  • Study materials, notes, infographics, images, and infographics can be easily shared between learners.

Let’s get started


Why choose us

At Latiyal Infotech, we develop the best education apps. With our custom Elearning solutions, we encourage innovation.


  • Analytics and automation
  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • Our e-learning solutions are mobile
  • Learning management system with scalability
  • Engagement model that is flexible


Our Services

We provide accurate insight and valuable information as an e-learning app development company. This can be used for improving e-learning and educational processes. A comprehensive range of services is available from us


  • Student information system
  • LMS app development
  • Captivating e-learning app design
  • Optimizing content delivery
  • Gamification of the content


How Latiyal Infotech delivers Business Value?

At Latiyal Infotech, we strive to deliver the best-in-class e-learning solutions. As a result, businesses become leaders in their markets. For the development of our education app, we use your unique idea. Long-term benefits and improved returns are gained by students and educational institutions.


  • One-Stop Vendor
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Team Scalability
  • Dedicated Working Environment

Frequently asked question

  • How to Create an Educational App?

    Developing an education app is a simple process, but if the app is large and complex, it is recommended to hire app developers. Assess all the requirements of your app after you've identified your target audience. Choose one of the best education app development companies on this list for real development work.
  • How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Education Industry?

    The use of mobile apps has made education more accessible to everyone, and the development of education applications has made learning easier. As a result of the proliferation of smartphones, the education industry has expanded to every corner of the globe.
  • How to Make an Educational App for Android and iOS?

    Apps for Android and iOS are being launched simultaneously, which is a notable effort. The cost of developing an Android application is lower than that of developing an iOS application. In terms of approach and cost, choosing the middle option is beneficial. The Xamarin technology is widely used for building cross-platform apps. By using Xamarin, you can develop code for both platforms without needing to spend a lot of time writing for them separately.
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